Common Marketing Objectives of most Ecommerce Sites

The main objective for all most Ecommerce sites is to have as many users purchasing different products offered on their websites. To achieve that, they will first need to acquire email sign ups and increase their customer base. Search marketing becomes their main marketing strategy to achieve the maximum number of email sign ups with the lowest cost possible.

Why adopt Search Marketing

  1. Cost effective – the ability to acquire emails sign ups at a low cost.
  2. Leverage on the current search trends and match exact users’ search needs.

What are the 4 Search Marketing strategies Ecommerce sites applied?

  1. Move fast! Gain the First mover advantage - Capitalising on the above search trend and hit the market earlier than other competitors to achieve larger market share.
  2. Continuous campaign optimisation – Constant close monitoring and optimisation efforts are needed daily due to the nature and dynamism of their products.
  3. Opt-in Seasonal keywords – Leveraging on different seasons helps Group buying sites to increase the number of sign ups.
  4. Use Display Network placements – Display Network buys help to increase brand awareness and thus resulting in increase of searches for their brand names.

Impact of the strategies mentioned

  1. With constant optimisation, Ecommerce websites are enjoying the low cost email acquisition. Cost per email had dipped significantly by 80% over 5 months through constant optimisation efforts.

2. Leverage on festive periods and big events like Great Singapore Sale had helped them to increase clicks to their website


3. The activation of ad network display products helped to lift the brand awareness. It had resulted in the increase of Searches for the brand names.



Adopting the right strategies allows Ecommerce sites to achieve their marketing objective. These marketing strategies are easily adaptable and can be applied to all different countries as long as you are having exposure in search marketing campaigns. So if you missing out in these strategies, it is time you start having some thoughts about them!

AuthorDigital Rezonance